Landscape Renovation

What is Landscape Renovation? If your home’s landscape was planted ten to fifteen years ago, chances are you need to make some adjustments. Some of the plants are likely underperforming while others may have become overgrown. Or, maybe you just have a different vision for the area around your home. Create a healthy, more balanced outdoor space with Landscape Renovation.

Landscape Renovation involves using what you already have, as much as possible, to create an appealing landscaping treatment.

  • Maximize your current investment by updating your landscape
  • Save money by getting the most from the mature plant material you already own

Earthworks Landscape Renovation can:

  • Quickly remove unwanted, unnecessary plants
  • Properly prune remaining plants for improved health, vigor and aesthetics
  • Artfully create new beds to showcase material you already own
  • Carefully transplant desirable plants in your existing landscape

Contact us today and enjoy your landscaping for years!