Frequently Asked Questions

When can you start the project?
Our schedule fluctuates depending upon the season. In most cases you can expect us to start your project two months from our initial meeting.

Is there a charge for the plan?
There is a fee for the landscape design and we can determine the cost of the plan during our initial meeting. We will waive or deduct the fee, however, when we install the design.

Can we visit your nursery?
We do not have a retail establishment, but keep a small inventory of plants at our nursery. You can feel good that we are not pushing plants and materials because they are in our nursery…we are only recommending plants and materials that are appropriate to your site and needs.

Will you provide an estimate if the plan is designed by someone else?
Yes! We have worked with other local landscape architects and designers, and have installed their designs.

When is a good time to plant?
Spring and fall are the best seasons to install plants – however, we plant year round depending upon plant availability and weather.